G Is For Grace And Gratitude

This Is A Blogging A To Z Challenge Post

April 8th – C

One unusually warm January afternoon in 1971 (I grew up in the Caribbean), not wanting to be out riding my bike or playing with friends in the scorching heat, I turned on the TV and sat back on the couch with the fan blowing on me, trying to keep cool. With only one television channel from which to choose, my nine year old self was subject to whatever was the choice of the station programmer that afternoon, with no alternatives.

I sat against the couch, my bare back feeling the warmth of the fabric against my skin, the fan blowing equally warm air against my chest and face, when she appeared on the black and white screen. Her skin perfectly smooth, her brunette hair (she was a brunette then) shining against the studio lights, and the smile that translated in her eyes, as the voice of an angel came from her lips. Who was this angel singing for me? The sound that came from the TV set was to me the most beautiful voice I had ever heard.

I sat transfixed. I was in love, not in that boyish boy crush, but in love with a voice, a voice that would be with me through good times and bad over the next forty four years. A voice that would bring me comfort when I was not felling well. A voice that I would shamelessly sing along too to help me to make it through long drives alone. A voice who has over 164 different songs on my iPhone. A voice which would sing the lyrics to some of the most profound and inspiring songs I will ever hear, and which would fit perfectly into my life at the time.

Over the years, her music grew with her, and now in her 60s, with a voice still as angelic as the first day I heard it, her songs still bring me peace and happiness. If you follow my blog from the beginning, you know that I always refer to the songs of Olivia Newton-John. There is one song that I listen to when I am feeling in a complainative attitude, where everything seems to be getting to me, that fits perfectly with today's letter theme of G. It is called “Grace and Gratitude”. There really is no better way to live your live other than with grace and gratitude. Here, with sub titles of the lyrics, is that beautiful song, sung by the incomparable ONJ.



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  1. Donna says:

    🙂 Great topic, post and video 🙂

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