H Is For Happiness

This is a Blogging From A To Z Challenge Post

April 9th – H

It is elusive to the majority of mankind. Books are written about it, and people spend their entire lives journeying around the world, bouncing from guru to guru seeking it. We look everywhere for it. We look in our wallets and into the eyes of others hoping that one day we can find it.

The reality is that we are all looking too hard and in all the wrong places. It is, and always has been with us our entire lives. The thing is, most of mankind lives in a “grass is always greener” mode. Especially with the advent of social media, people look at the false happiness of others projected onto a screen, and wish that they had that.

True happiness is never in need of proof, and therefore never needs to be proven to others. If people are projecting their happiness to you in such a manner, then the chance that their projected happiness is truly genuine is at least, minuscule.

Happiness is always with us, in our hearts, we just have to let it out. It is so easy to find everything that is wrong in our lives, but ask someone what makes them happy and they will stumble. Everyone is so busy looking for happiness that they fail to see it in everything they do. Everybody wants a big show of it, but happiness is in the simple things, the everyday things.

The way to find happiness is to make a conscious effort to make your life happy, and you do that in small steps. If you do it slowly and with determination, it will be second nature, so much so, you no longer have to look for happiness, because it will always be with you in everything you do.

In order to be happy, you have to make yourself happy. If you want breakfast, you have to make it first, right? However, the first step to finding happiness in everything you do, is to be grateful for everything you do. How can you ever be happy with your life if you are not grateful?

Here is my simple method for finding happiness in everything you do. Just say this mantra I developed:

“I am grateful for (fill in the blank) because (fill in the blank), and for that, I am happy.”

Let's say you are not happy in your job, and changing jobs is not exactly a reality, then change that unhappy to happy, and you do that with my simple mantra. So for example,

“I am grateful for my job because it provides me with money to sustain my family and for that, I am happy”.

I know, it will take repeating that a lot for some people to make any impact, but you are what you think. Keep telling yourself you are grateful and happy, and you will be. Just say these simple words before you do anything. Before you eat, bathe, anything. Keep doing it for everything you do, and it will become second nature, so much so, you don't need to repeat the mantra, but you will live it.





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  1. Naila Moon says:

    Stopping by from A-Z/ I like your mantra. I too work at making my own happiness and follow many of the things you have said here. I will be back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks for stopping by 😀


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