L Is For Lung Biopsy

This is a Blogging From A To Z Challenge Post

April 14th – L

Yesterday was the anniversary of what I can honestly say was the start of of the worst three weeks of my life. Nine years ago yesterday I had an open lung biopsy to definitely diagnose my pulmonary sarcoidosis. (To read about my experience with the open lung biopsy, click here )

I actually woke up yesterday with all three of my incisions for the biopsy aching. I did not consciously remember the anniversary of the surgery, but my subconscious certainly did. One of the lasting effects of the surgery was some screwed up nerve damage. It's hard to explain, but if one of my incisions itch, I have to scratch on a spot away from it. That actual incision has no feeling, but I feel it itch. It's weird.

There is nothing really to say other than that was the day that would forever change my life.




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