Q Is For Quiet

This is a Blogging From A to Z Challenge post

April 18th – Q

This year is nine years since being diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, and in that time I found that it is best to be quiet about my conditions, the way I feel and all what’s going on with me.

My wife gave me some very astute advice years ago when I was contemplating telling my family about my sarcoidosis. Her simple words to me were “Unless it affects them directly, they don’t need to know”, words I live by still today.

Last year I had an ICD replacement surgery and no one knew about it except my wife, my boss as I had some activity restrictions that would affect my work and one friend who never judges and is always there for us. Otherwise, I was quiet about it.

And the same thing with this upcoming surgery. No one needs to know. The only person that knows other than my wife is the same mentioned friend as he’s walking our dogs for us as we will be gone all day. Other than that, I am keeping it quiet.

It’s best to just keep stuff quiet if you don’t want people treating you differently. Makes for a stress free life.



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  1. kimlhine says:

    Good luck with your surgery Basil.

    Liked by 1 person

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