What The Blogging From A To Z Challenge Was Like For Me

For the month of April, or rather, most of the month, I took part in the Blogging a From A To Z Challenge, posting every day for the month of April (except Sundays), with each day being a post of each letter of the alphabet.

This year, like last year, I did not have a theme, and just went with my own thing. I ended up having a sort of theme in that each post was about one word.

I do not consider myself a great writer, and I think I sorely lack the gift of prose, and eloquence is not my forte as lyrical sentences do not flow easily from my finger tips onto a keyboard. But yet, I love to write, and the challenge did force me to come up with something, to think, to challenge myself to write something, anything, and therein lies my issue with the challenge. I found myself at times putting to paper something light and frivolous and without substance in order to make the quota. I would come up with an idea, but many times did not feel to write, and so, didn't allow the writer in me to come forth, but rather did it on rote.

Towards the end, my mind and spirit were no longer in it as I was preoccupied with my heart catheterization, and worrying somewhat needlessly about the outcome. As it is said, “Worry is a down payment on something that may never happen”, and do it come to pass that my procedure in fact turned out to be wonderful news.

I know that I did not plan a theme and did not come up with posts beforehand, and that contributed to disappointment with myself in this year's challenge. I did find some great new blogs to follow, and gained a few followers of my own, some of which I ended up following in return.

The challenge itself did not really increase traffic to my blog. It stayed on average the same that it always has. Although one post did garner more than the average amount of viewers, and that was about insurance.

As for next year, it is too soon to decide whether I will participate. Maybe I will if I take the time to plan out a theme and posts ahead of time.


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  1. I only got to the letter “H” until things happened that prevented me from writing. Because I was supposed to be recuperating, I thought I could do the whole month, but new health issues came and other types of life issues. Financial was one big issue and if you were in this country, you’d know that if you don’t have an actual internet connection at home, you’d have to make do with broadband sticks and WiFi thingies and load up to at least 50-pesos a day just to be able to use the net for at least 24 hours. Also, I am not so crazy with using my tablet when “WordPress-ing,” that thing tries my patience. Unfortunately, I have yet to get my laptop fixed, and that doesn’t cost cheap either, it won’t especially if they tell me I’ll have to change the LCD. Ugh.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Sorry to hear about your stuff. It seems when it happens, it happens all at once, doesn’t it? And I think when you take on a challenge, even a small one like the A to Z, it seems the universe steps in to make the challenge even more challenging. Or maybe it just makes us more aware of life.


      1. True. In my case, the universe gave me harder challenges that took me away from A to Z.

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