Has My Blog Reached Its End?

I recently posted that the results of my right heart catheterization showed that I no longer have heart failure or pulmonary hypertension, and I received some encouraging comments and a couple of emails, but of course, I did get the nay sayer, someone that thinks that I am not for real and that I am just making up crap.

According to my critic, he “knows” that no one EVER recovers from heart failure due to cardiac sarcoidosis, he has it and knows that he won't get better. All I can say to that is, you make your own truth. Tell yourself you will never get better, and your body will comply. I told myself that I will improve and my body went above and beyond my expectations and more than complied.

I am not going to go into how I managed to get this much better because everyone has to find what is right for them. There is not generic method. For me it was faith, positive thinking and a clean, organic, healthy lifestyle.

Over the years of writing this blog, some people have shown me that they will root for you when you are down most of the time, encourage you to get back up, but the minute you stand up and they think that you are standing a little too high, they will do everything to make sure that you get right back down. Some people with chronic illnesses will troll the web to find others in like or worse situations than their's, and the minute a person gets better, it angers them and they try to put that person down. Their jealousy overwhelms them. What they don't realize is that sort of toxic behavior and thinking is what may be contributing to them never getting better in the first place. Anger is toxic.

The email from that person did get me thinking about my blog as a whole. The blog started out as self therapy, a place to jot down my thoughts on my life with a chronic illness. It evolved over the years with a few look changes and a name change. The theme has also changed as my health improved. But now I find that because of what the origin of the blog is, my ideas and thoughts on topics are less and less.

I could write about my private life, but that part of my life is just that. Private. I want to keep it that way. I never even posted a photo of myself. And so now I feel almost as if it is time to bid this part of my life farewell. But I am reluctant to do it. It's been good for me to write, to put my thoughts and feelings into the printed word. And so I teeter on the edge of indecision on the life of my blog. Maybe it's just a phase I am going through.





Written by Basil Rene

I maintain three separate blogs. One is LifeAsAnAnomaly.com where I discuss my life, AChefTalksFood.blog, where as the name implies, I talk about food and lifeasanomalyphotosblog.wordpress.com where I post photos.


  1. Hi Basil …… here’s a thought about your “edge of indecision” ….. KEEP WRITING, now that this part of your journey is complete, I know you have a lot you could share in the realm of keeping happiness, positive quality of life and quality of spirit moving forward. As with all of us in our journeys, just move the blog experience forward – your “private” life isn’t the only option and illness isn’t the only topic of interest!

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  2. That’s great news, that you can leave chronic illness behind you!
    As for the blog, I guess there is no need for you to decide right now, is there? You’ll see. You can keep this blog and let it morph into another theme, or you start a new one about other things. Or you stop blogging altogether.
    One thing I want to say though: I think your positive and follow-your-own-voice attitude can help a lot of other people, so even if you stop writing on this blog, I think it can help others to still have access to it.
    But really, you decide. I’m glad to hear about your new situation!


  3. Please do not stop writing, ESPECIALLY because you are doing better. As long as you don’t make ridiculous claims of whatever, it is no one’s business if you want to write about your condition. In the end, it’s always an individual choice whether one believes or not, follows or not, always his responsibility to find out what’s best for himself. Do not stop writing. You said it yourself, it’s been good for you to write. For people like us who don’t have your condition, it’s been good for us to write, why should it be different for you? It’s your right to write. It is therapeutic for the soul. No need to push yourself to do it daily or stress yourself to come up with a topic. Write when you can, when you feel like it. Just don’t say you will stop.

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    1. Wow. Thanks for that. I did not go into the details of the critics words, but it did cut. I think all writers go through this at some stage, where we start to doubt ourselves. I think you’re right. Maybe I am putting too much pressure on myself, which really is not like me at all. Thanks for the encouragement.

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  4. Please don’t stop writing……let me count the reasons why !
    1.You’re inspirational 2. Motivational 3. Knowledgeable 4. Interesting 5. Passionate 6.Caring. 7.Strong 8. Supportive 9. Empowering …… I could go on .

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    1. Well I did start back my Facebook, but again with the nay sayers – someone reported me to Facebook for inappropriate content. I have no idea what it was because my Facebook posts where just the same as what I posted on by blog. Facebook sent me a letter saying to basically defend myself. From what? They didnt give any details so how the heck could I? So I just said to @&$- with it and closed it.


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