Going Happy Crazy At The Organic Grocer

Yesterday, I went to the local organic grocer, a small store with some very nice produce and as I walked into the store, I passed a display of the largest pink grapefruit I ever saw. I stopped and looked at them when suddenly I had an epiphany and loudly blurted out “Oh my God! Pink grapefruit!!”. I stood there looking at the grapefruit with a huge smile when I looked around and saw that I had everybody's attention. I rarely get embarrassed, but I am sure my face turned red. Then the store's owner looked at me with a look on her face that I can't describe and said “Yes hon, they are grapefuit”. I smiled and said “Hey, it's not everyday you see grapefruit that look this gorgeous”

There is a reason for my exuberance over seeing pink grapefruit. Pink grapefruit is one my my favorite fruits. I used to have one almost every morning. Then in 2009 I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and the drug I was prescribed for it was Tracleer, which reacts with grapefruit. So I had to stop eating grapefruit, which I really was sad about.

Over the years I learned to let my craving for pink grapefruit pass at the wayside, but when ever I went to the grocery and saw them, a twinge of sadness would befall me. I would look, acknowledge my love for them, but understood why I could no longer have them anymore.

Late last month I had a heart catherization which showed that I no longer have pulmonary hypertension and so was taken off of Tracleer, and only yesterday when I saw those gorgeous grapefruit that it hit me that I can now start back eating grapefruit. I was so happy at the realization that my brain realized that “Oh my God! I can eat pink grapefruit again! Yay!” Instead I just blurted the condensed version.

I didn't buy the grapefruit though. I decided I should give my body at least a month to be off the drug before I just bury myself in a dozen or so of them. Yes, I am one very happy man, and will be ecstatic next week when I can have one after six long years. Life is good.


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  1. Twyla says:

    That’s great !

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