God Always Answers, You Just Have To Listen

I walked in the rain today. I didn't get trapped or anything like that. I deliberately walked in the rain, and I loved it. It brought back one of my biggest joys as a boy. Every opportunity I could, as soon as the rain started to fall, I would strip of my shirt and run bare backed in the rain, standing under water spouts and letting the water beat down on my head, raising my face to the sky, mouth agape, trying to catch every drop of rain in my mouth.

As adults we get so inhibited with joys we had as a child. If it rains and we have to get to our car, we squish up our faces and dash across to the car as fast as we can. We forget the simple joys in life, and what used to be a joyous thing turns into a nuisance and we grumble and moan.

The rain never bothers me. I love it. But I hadn't walked in it for years, and today I was leaving the dentist office and it was pouring hard. My car was parked at the end of the parking lot and I had this urge to go walk in the rain. There were at least ten people waiting for the rain to let up, but I could care less if they thought I was crazy.

I stepped out from the building's protection into the torrential down pour. I could care less about my leather shoes, or the iPhone in my pocket, or getting a cold or any other negative connotation we all apply to the joy of walking in the rain. I walked to my car, hands out stretched, face to the sky, letting the drops pelt across my face, soaking me to the core. And I loved it. I started to laugh and spin in the rain, and I felt so free, so happy, so alive. I was connected to the planet, to the weather, to God.

I stood there and just let the rain fall on me and then continued walking to my car, at a normal pace. As I got to my car, I stood outside with my face to the sky and said softly to the universe “Thank you”. I was so thankful for being alive in that moment and thankful for being able to make it through all I have been through none the worse for wear. I reached for the door handle and the rain stopped. Completely stopped. It didn't taper off. It stopped. And the sun came out right on me. It was beautiful. It was as if God replied “You're welcome”.


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  1. Twyla says:

    Loved !!!

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