My Guest Post For The PHight Or Flight Project Is Up

Serena over at Phight Or Flight Project invited me to do a blog post on her site about my journey with pulmonary hypertension, and after many rewrites, I finally got a submission to her after a month or so, which she posted yesterday.

Here is an excerpt from my post.

I did meditation. I exercised regularly. Took my medications. Researched what supplements I could take to support my journey. I was doing it all. I was fighting. But there is something I learned a long time ago. Sometimes, the more you push against something, the harder it will push back. But why was I pushing so hard? Was it for me? Was it for my family? What was it for? The bottom line was, I was not ready to die as yet. My wife needed me. I was fighting for my life.

The post can be found here.


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