Are You Unknowingly Doing Away With All The Good In Someone Else’s World?

Do you ever have any of those ” A-Ha!” moments as Oprah calls them, where something has been right in front of your face for years and you never notice it, and then it just slaps you across the face? I had of those today, and it seemed insignificant but the more I thought about it, it was a very significant issue.

This morning I was walking in a park and I walked past one of the park's gardeners. His head was down as he was weeding, earbuds in his ear. As I walked past him I said “Morning!” and he took off one of his ear buds, raised his head and said, “Yes it is. And a good morning to you!”

I sincerely believe that there are angels walking amongst us that are here to teach us lessons in life, and as I turned and looked back at him, he looked into my eyes in those few brief seconds and his eyes radiated a knowing that I was just given a lesson. I continued on for a few feet, and what he said hit me and hit me hard. An unconscious greeting suddenly was now a very significant thing.

I am always going on in my blogs about being positive, and sharing the positivity. But I have not been doing that at the simplest unconscious level for years now. Yes I consciously do it, but unconsciously, no.

You see, I am living in the US for half my life now, and if we can shorten anything to give us just a fraction of a second more time in our day, we would. So it is with our speech. We shorten everything. We shortened the loving, positive gesture of “Good Morning” to just “Morning”. The greetings of Good morning, afternoon, evening, night, day are not just an announcement of the time of day. They are really meant to be wishes of joy and positivity to our fellow humans, that their mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights and days are good. What better way is there to share our happiness with someone by wishing that the rest of their morning is good.

Let's remember to put the good back in the world and wish everyone good mornings, and when we say it, just don't say it as an arbitrary greeting, but with the meaning behind the greeting.


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  1. BunKaryudo says:

    It’s true, I guess. We should say it in a way that makes it clear we mean it. After all, we’re not being charged by the word.


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