Dog Shaming – Are They Funny Or Proof That You Are An Incompetent Pet Guardian?

I was searching the net for a new dog harness when I came across a site of “funny” dog shaming photos. In case you don't know what dog shaming is, it's a dog owner's way of getting attention by placing a sign of a dog's mistakes, along with their photo and posting it on the internet to gather laughs.

A few that I came across include the typical ones of a dog that destroyed a toy, or a roll of toilet paper etc. I came across one where there where two dogs, and one ate the fedreal return check and the other ate the state return check. I would admit that when I saw that one, I burst out laughing, not because of the photo or at the dog, but because the dog's gurdian is obviously an incompetent ass.

My wife and I have three dogs and two cats, and we love them to death. They are our children. Our world revolves around them. We spare no expense for them. However, we are realist and we know that they are dogs and cats. They may live in the house, sleep in our bed and lie on our laps when we watch TV. But they are not humans, so we can't expect them to think like a human.

Just like if you have a child and you child proof your house, you have to pet proof your house too. We had two rattan chairs that one of our cats basically destroyed by scratching, and we accept that it was our fault. The first time he did it, we should have gotten him a scratcher that was made of the same or close to the same material. We waited too long and he destroyed the chairs. We eventually got a rattan scratcher and he never touched the chair again. We had to get rid of the chairs, and replaced them with non rattan ones. We learned our lesson. We did not take a ridiculous photo of him to show the world just how incompetent we were.

Animals get bored. Especially if they are only dogs and cats. You have to make sure that anything you have is out of their way. Don't be an idiot and leave your checks within reach of your dogs. Deposit them in your bank account, or put them in a drawer until you can. Dog or cat destroying your toilet paper? Close the freaking door. Door does not lock properly? Buy a new lock.

People need to learn to be responsible pet guardians, stop thinking of them as humans, and pet proof their home. Use common sense. And stop putting these stupid pictures up on the internet to show the world just how bad a pet guardian they are.



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  1. BunKaryudo says:

    I’d never even heard of pet shaming before. We used to have a budgie, but it never did anything particularly outrageous. Well, it made a mess on the floor once or twice, but that’s just what budgies do, isn’t it?

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      People are just looking for their 15 mins of fame and using their pets as a vehicle.

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