The News Media Needs To Stop Glorifying Murderers

In case you haven't heard, there was a crusome murder of two news journalist, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, on live TV in Virginia last week, and every day since then, one of the New York City papers has the incident full sized on their front page. Yesterday's edition had a huge photo of the murderer on the front page and a headline about the psycho's sex rant. It's also in every other paper and the cable news channels constantly.
A news article on the Virginia murders with photos os the victims and murders. I blocked off the murderer's face as I won't give him any fame on my blog.

Everybody goes into the argument about gun control, and although that will help, the reality of anything happen there is truely slim. We live in a society now where many people are fame whores. The thing is, this man was very unbalanced and he wanted the fame. He took videos of the murder from his perspective and posted them on social media, where, believe it or not, people reposted them. I deliberately stayed away from my twitter feed for that day when I heard he had posted the video, beacuase Twitter now has their videos on auto play, so whether you select the video or not, it plays in the post. That was definitely something I did not need to connect with.

I really believe that the world needs to stop glorifying these murders. I am sure that many people can easily recall the names of the killers in Columbine, Newton and all the other mass murders in the country. But can you recall one name of any of the victims? The murderers become the news and the victims become the incidental. If the media completely stopped publishing the name and photos of the murderers and constantly going into their history and backgrounds, I am sure many of these senseless, dramatic, mass murders will decline, because the copycats will not get the fame.

Lets remember those that died. Honor their memories and stop glorifying the psychos.



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  1. BunKaryudo says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

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