There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Support

One of the biggest complaints of people with chronic illness and chronic pain is that they don't get enough support from family and friends. I have always been an independent person, and never really needed support. My wife is a huge support to me and I don't need it from anyone else.

A lot of people complain that their family and friends sometimes doubt their condition and they feel alone and unsupported. That is not condusive to healing at all, and all I can suggest is if you know your family and friends are going to be like that, then learn to keep things to yourself so that you don't get that reaction. Another good reason to keep your condition low key is the other phonomenon that I call too much support.

How could too much support be a bad thing? Many people are unable to accept illness in anyone else because it brings into reality their own mortality and mnay times they automatically think that an illness is a death sentence. When people have a large community of supportive friends and family, you have to realize that there will be many different personalities, and among them will be the negative ninnies that will only be thinking that you are going to die, which can result in unwanted and unintentioned negative energy.

I recently went to have a heart procedure and the person next to me had about ten people crammed into the prep area and apparently another twenty or so in the waiting room. The people in the room were hugging and sobbing and crying as if it were the person that was going to have the procedure done, last day on earth. It was really very odd, and all I could think was that this poor person was going into have a procedure done and a bunch of people were out there sending thoughts of their death their way. After he was wheeled into surgery I asked the nurse if he was okay and she said that he was just there for a routine catheterization test.

I know how people can be, and so I don't tell anyone about my surgeries. I have a motto that if it doesn't affect their lives directly, then they don't need to know. Of the six heart related surgeries I had, I only told my immediate family about two. The one to fix the defect and my first ICD implant. Otherwise, nothing. No one at my job knows about my conditions except for the company's owner. That way no one treats me differently or looks at me as if I am going to kick the bucket tomorrow.

We are all interconnected, and we are all made of energy, and other people's thoughts are energy, energy that is guided towards you. And too much of that negative support will affect you in one way or another.



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  1. Twyla says:

    True, and I’m finding that , and I keep most of my health issues to myself .

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      That’s always the best way. I keep everything on a need to know basis


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