The Sunday Morning Revisit Of “Color Me Blessed”

The Sunday Morning Revisits are posts that I wrote a few years back that I think deserve another look. Here is one originally posted November 19, 2011 entitled “Color Me Blessed”

I know, I sound like a stuck record about how blessed I am, blah, blah, blah. But I can’t help but look at all that has happened in my life and see nothing but positives in it. Having this disease and all the conditions that it has brought about may not seem like a blessing, but who is to say it isn’t. I am not a religious man, but I am a spiritual one, and I do believe that we are only given as much as we can handle.

Along the way though, in all the trials and tribulations I have had in my life, and there have been quite a few other than this disease, there has always been something positive to come out of it.

And along the way, even with this disease, I have always been where I was supposed to be at the right time. And here I am again.

I have always said that my health insurance is a fantastic plan. They have paid for every surgery, every test, every doctor’s visit. Now my doctor wants me to have a PET scan to see if my sarcoidosis is acting up again. These tests are expensive, and my insurance company has always paid for them in the past. Not this time. I need to have two separate tests, but the insurance will only pay for one. One is useless without the other, so if I can’t have both, then I can’t have the tests.

The insurance company will not budge. I thought that was the end of that. No PET Scan. However, I received a call from my hospital’s nuclear department where I was supposed to have the tests done, and they are going to absorb the cost of the second test.

I was in shock. I still am. What medical facility does an expensive test for free? I am not questioning what higher power stepped in to see that I get this test, but I am very grateful. And yes, I am blessed. We all are.



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  1. kutukamus says:

    Pieces of the puzzle came into play, I might say 🙂

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