An Even Easier Way To Sort Your Medications! Have It Done For You!

I used to take fifteen different medications over four different periods during the day at one point in my journey with Sarcoidosis and its a pain to try to remember what to take and when, especially when the medication you are taking messes with your memory.

The MediCenter Monthly Pill Sorter

I originally bought a monthly pill sorter which works well. The thing is, I would forget to take it with me sometimes, and also it is bulky and indiscreet for going out. It really is not very discreet if you go out to dinner to dig into your jacket pocket and pull out a pill holder and pour those pills into your hand. And for a man, at leat this man, who does not use a purse, it is bulky and uncomfortable to keep in a pants pocket when not using a jacket.

Then the other day as I was going through my Twitter feed, I came across this ad post for a service called Pill Pack. Essentially they send you your meds in little packets with the day and time for your meds.

This is how the packets are labeled

This is how it works. You sign up for an account at, enter your information and their servers automatically pull in your medicine information from your pharmacy. I didn't even have to enter the information for the pharmacy that I use. It accurately found all of my medicine information, which is really just goes to show that no matter how much you think you are “off the grid”, all of your information is out there.

You confirm that the medicine info is correct then you decide which medicines you want them to handle (You can keep some at your neighborhood pharmacy if you choose to), then enter your schedule of when you take the medications. In my case I am now down to taking my medications twice a day, so I entered what medicines I take in the morning and at what time, and the same thing for the evening.

Pill Pack then transfers your prescriptions from your pharmacy, gets the insurnace stuff handled and then sets up your auto delivery. In my case it took two business days to get the insurance handled and for the prescriptions to be transfered over to them. They then sent an email to confirm again that the info and schedule was all correct before shipping, which I did.

The Pill Pack box

The package was shipped out via UPS on 9/18, which I received 9/22 and my first Pill Pack started on 9/24. They send out a two week supply at a time, with each package coming in time before then next one runs out. It comes on a roll that you just tear off the packet you need for that day/time and in a nice, recycleable blue storage/dispenser box. The front of the box is clear so you can see your packs. I don't like to see anything out on my kitchen counter, so I just took the roll of packs out of the box and put the packs in my medicine drawer, and it takes up very little space at all.

So far I like it. If you are interested go to for more info and to sign up


Nb. I am not affiliated with Pill Pack nor was I compensated for this article.


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