How I Got An Apple Watch I Didn’t Want That I Ended Up Loving

I am one of those people that loves technology, but not one of those that has to run out and get the hottest and newest thing. Before I buy anything, I do research. I troll review sites, look at you tube videos and really see what issues people have with an item, how it really works and whether or not the item is actually going to work for me or not. One of those items is the Apple Watch. When I first saw it announced, I was intrigued, but then I thought that I don't wear a watch all the time, rarely actually, so it made no sense for me. Plus I really could not see myself putting out minimally $350.00 for something that was essentially a toy to me, and would be obsolete in two years.

Then last month, I received an email from my cardiologist's assistant informing me that his office had teamed up with an app developer and that only certain patients were being invited to take part in a study for this new medical app. The catch was to be part of the study, you had to own an Apple Watch. If you did not own one, the developer was contributing $200.00 towards the purchase of a new one. I couldn't resist and went with it. She emailed me a discount certificate and I got the watch and only paid 1/2 price for it.

I got the watch two days before my scheduled appointment with my cardiologist and had some time to play with it and I liked it more than I thought that I would. I went into the appointment and his assistant came and got me quickly from the waiting room and squirrled me away into an office and closed the door. She looked down at my arm and saw my watch and her eyes widened.

“You got it already?!” she asked and exclaimed at the same time, some panic in her voice. “Listen, I screwed up. You were not supposed to get that invitation for the study. It is for doctors only and some how your name ended up on the list, so when you see the doctor, please don't say anything about this!”

“I still get to keep the watch? I don't have to return it?” I asked

“Yes, keep the watch if you want. I took you off the list, and he doesn't know”

“But will you get in trouble if there is one certificate short?” I asked

“No. They are computer generated, and there is not a set amount. But if he finds out, he's going to have my head.” She said as she gave me the cut throat sign across her neck.

“So long as you are not going to get in any trouble by me keeping the watch, I have not a thing to say”

And so, that is how I ended up with an Apple Watch that I did not really want because I thought it was too expensive and thought I would have no use for, and got brand new for half price, and also now absolutely love and find very useful. I will post later about how this little device has surprisingly shown me just how good a boy I am.


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  1. We are alike in so many ways. I’ve chosen not to get the Apple watch but I’m intrigued by it and am so curious to see how much you like it considering we both aren’t avid watch wearers. Please do post updates.


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