The Sunday Morning Revisit Of “No, I’m Not A Terrorist “

The Sunday Morning Revisits are posts that I wrote a few years back that I think deserve another look. Here is one originally posted December 1, 2011 entitled “No, I'm Not A Terrorist “

I went to my doctor today to discuss the findings of my PET scan and had my Helios Portable Liquid Oxygen pack, in its blue ventilated back pack with me. While signing in at the receptionist desk, I was approached cautiously by an old man who said to me, while standing at a “safe” distance, “Do you know your bag is smoking?” I looked and saw the condensation and told him it was okay, it’s not smoke, just condensation.

Sometimes, with temperature changes, liquid oxygen portable packs send out a lot of condensation, like a fridge, out of the side, and so the back pack has ventilation mesh to allow the condensation to escape. To someone, especially old paranoid people, it may be mistaken for a smoking back pack.

I went and sat and two old women sitting next to the old man that approached started watching each other and making “eyes” at each other. One eventually spoke up, and angrily said to me “oxygen does not do that. There is still smoke pouring out of you back pack” all the while looking at me suspiciously.

I stood up, opened the back pack and pulled out the tank and held it up and said “Look, it’s a liquid portable oxygen tank. It contains oxygen that is frozen. It’s not a bomb. I am not a terrorist with a back pack. Don’t worry, you’re safe”. Everybody in the waiting room started to laugh, including the reception staff. The old people still sat there eyeing me and mumbling that is not oxygen. People are so funny sometimes.


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  1. Twyla says:

    That’s the world we live in today ….sad.

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