Looks Like A Good Day To Fly

  I am sitting at the departure gate of JetBlue at JFK waiting to board my flight back to the motherland. The last time I was back in my birth land was is 2012 for 48 hours for my mother’s-in-law funeral and I didn’t really see anything. I was in and I was out. 

The last time I was there for a proper visit was in 1997 and the country changed a lot back then. I can only imagine what it is like now.
I sit here in the waiting area amongst fellow native country men and women and I listen to their accents and their body language and they feel so foreign. I am an American now, in my speech, my dress and my way of thinking. I don’t feel like I am going home. America is my home. I feel like an American going to the Caribbean in fall, and it is a beautiful day to do so. 

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