I Don’t Like To Complain, But …

I just came home after a long grueling day and desperately wanted a long hot shower only to find that I have no water.

We have well water and there is something wrong with the pump. I called the pump company and they are not going to come out until the morning.

I have bottled water stored for emergencies like this, and can heat up some water to take a quick “bucket bath”, but I so really wanted a hot shower.

Oh well, at least I have water stored.

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  1. We had a somewhat similar problem a few years ago. Our water heater gave out around New Year’s Eve. We had to go to my in-law’s house to shower. I feel your pain and frustration!

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      I have to be grateful for small mercies. This could have happened on Tuesday night when I was doing my colonoscopy prep and was living in the toilet. I have no idea how many times I flushed!!

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      1. Ohmygosh the horror that would’ve been! Small blessings that it wasn’t on Tuesday night then. ☺️

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