Snapshots Of My Life: Dealing With Nosey People

I have no water at my home for the past three days, and it’s not getting fixed until today. Long story. In any case, we have water stored away for emergencies such as this, but we were running out, so yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy water for bathing etc.

I had two shopping carts filled with two and single gallon bottles and for some strange reason, there seemed to be a lot of people buying water at the same time that I was. As I got to my car and opened the trunk to start loading them in, some random nosey guy walked up to the shopping carts, rested his hands on the cart and started counting silently how many bottles of water I had.

“You having a big party today?” he asked, never saying hello or any sort of human to human greeting. I paused, put on the most terrified expression that I could muster and said

“Didn’t you see the news this morning? If I were you man, I would get in there and get as much water as you can before they run out, and after that, you better make sure to get to the gas station and fill your tank too!”

With that I turned and started to quickly place the water in the car as if I needed to get out of there really fast. He said nothing, turned and quickly walked towards the supermarket.

Nothing like keeping myself entertained.


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