Do I Look Like An Old Woman To You?

I am on prednisone now for ten years straight, without ever taking a break. My dosage has been as much as 70mg to as low the current 5mg. I am on what the call a “maintenance” dose, which translates to “because you are on prednisone for so long, your body can't make its own, so you are on it for life”

The thing with prednisone is that it completely messes you up physically (and mentally). On higher doses you get severe mood swings with bursts of anger. There is what I call the “prednisone hunger”, where you need to eat something, and you need to eat it yesterday otherwise someone is going to feel pain.

Long term, it causes thinning skin (got it) , a buffalo hump on your back (I think I have a small one developing), weight gain (yep), moon face (no, thank goodness), diabetes (I'm pre-diabetic) and osteoporosis.

Ah, osteoporosis, that old lady thing where there bones start to get spaces in between and the bone weakens and they can get fractured easily. Old ladies mostly only get that. Right?

Well folks, I had a bone density scan last week and thanks to prednisone, I have osteoporosis in my lumbar spine as well as other parts of my body. Oh fun! So, where do I go from here? I have no idea because I have pulmonary and cardiac sarcoidosis, so I should not be taking high doses of calcium and vitamin d, which are needed for bone strength. Damned if I do, and damned if I don't.

I go see my doctor tomorrow to discuss treatment plans, but I sure as hell am not taking any prescription drug for this. Ever see the list of side effects for these things? Time to do some major research on natural solutions.


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