The Sunday Revisit Of “A Frappe Latte Slappe In The Face”

20120222-211022.jpgOriginally Posted March 15, 2012

Ever since I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2006, I have been constantly on prednisone at various doses, and in that time I have put on thirty pounds.

I have not really tried to lose the weight until now. I joined Weight Watchers on line and I am counting points. I downloaded their app for my iPhone which makes it easier to keep track. So far I find it pretty easy to follow.

Today, however, I got a wake up call. One of my favorite things is a Starbucks SUGAR FREE Vanilla Soy Café Frapuccino. I am drinking these delicious drinks for years thinking that they were SUGAR FREE, well because I ask for sugar free syrup.

When I got my drink I entered it in my handy dandy Weight Watchers application and to my confusion, this sugar free drink was the equivalent of my normal breakfast. I thought there must be some mistake and I looked up the nutritional value of the concoction on the Internet, and the sugar content was listed as 50g! 50g?! How could that be? I always get sugar free vanilla syrup.

So I did some more digging and it turns out that even though I order sugar free syrups in my Fraps, the soy milk is sweetened and they add a syrup base to all their Frapuccino drinks, which is loaded with sugar. The result is a sugar free drink that has as much sugar as two cans of soda.

I have been ordering these sugar free drinks for years and no one at Starbucks once ever told me that the base is not sugar free or that they used sweetened soy milk.

So I will now give up on my beloved Starbucks drinks and just continue to use my own espresso machine to make iced lattes for my self.

Now, what to do with the balance on my Starbucks card?


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  1. serena says:

    Do you like tea? You might be able to use it at Teavana- Starbucks can also make you a latte from tea (like real tea- not the syrup) which would have no added sugar other than from the soy milk.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks. I’ll try that. I also like their chai lattés


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