The Saturday Revisit Of “A Little Off Subject”

Originally Posted March 19, 2012

Just A Little Off The Subject

Imagine yourself in a room with some of your closest friends and acquaintances and it is your birthday. They each come up to you and wish you Happy Birthday one by one. Do you tell them each thank you as they greet you or do you stand there and say nothing? Then when everybody in the room has told you happy birthday, do you then stand up on a little box so every one will see you and then announce to them all “Thank you all for the birthday wishes”?

That scenario sounds pretty weird right? So then why is that when people wish someone happy birthday on Facebook, they wait until the end of the day and post a general status thanking everyone.

Social media is a good thing for getting the word out, but it is making people into a group of rude, distant and obnoxious idiots. Here is my suggestion for today. Don’t say anything on social media you would never say in normal life, and carry the same rules of social conduct you have in normal life into your social media. It is called social media after all.


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