The Weekend Revisit of “Appreciating My Life”

20120411-082751.jpgOriginally posted April 10, 2012
It’s spring, and with it comes new beginnings, new life, new starts. I recently changed all of my bank accounts to another bank as my old bank was bought out. I had to change my work email address as there were technical difficulties with the old one. Little changes, big steps.

It was spring that I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis and life changed. I love spring though, albeit that this one came early this year. A whole month early.With spring’s beauty comes the body’s responses to pollen and the like. Eyes itch, nose runs, sneezes erupt, as headaches abound. Yet, I enjoy the beauty and accept these inconveniences as just simple distractions to make you appreciate that beauty can be formidable if taken for granted.When spring changes over to summer, the allergic reactions will reduce, and then the heat will make itself known. It will be harder to breathe, more fatigue will set in. But yet, the warmth of the day is refreshing. To sit outside in the shade and enjoy nature at its busiest is a treasure too infrequent to bypass.

Yes, with sarcoidosis and all its little friends that come along for the ride, like heart failure and pulmonary hypertension in my case, one has all the set backs of each season. But I also have the strength within me to enjoy each season for what it is. Its beauty. Its energy. Its hope.So, no matter what conditions, ailments or illnesses that are plaguing you this day, take a moment out of your misery and just sit and enjoy nature, even if from a chair at a window, and be thankful that you are still alive on this planet to enjoy its beauty, its energy and its love

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  1. Joel F says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Beautiful photo with a lovely reflective thoughts. Beautiful writing.

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  2. Clara says:

    Such a lovely message! Wish you all the very best and hope you keep fighting whatever life throws at you!

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thank you Clara!

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