Here I Go, Again!

I haven’t written anything to this blog for a while and frankly it’s because I have no inspiration. The blog was originally meant to be my posts about living my life with Sarcoidosis, but really, I don’t have very much to say anymore on my condition that hasn’t already been said.

Then I got an email from someone who read almost all of my posts and asked why I wasn’t writing any more. I said what I said above and they wrote me this long reply about my writing be inspirational etc., and asking me to start back writing. That maybe I needed to approach it differently.

So I thought about that and I am going to try again, this time doing a blog as they were originally intended, as a diary of sorts. I am just going to write random stuff about my life, my views and not necessarily regarding my conditions as a focus, but I am sure some of that will show in there some where.

If you subscribe to my blog and actually read my posts, I would love to hear back from you about the new approach when it gets under way. Until then, be well.

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