When Something Isn’t The Right Time

I just finished writing a very detailed post about meditation and the process I use. I wrote it on my laptop in a program separate from WordPress so that my entry wouldn’t post incorrectly, which for some reason happens to me in WordPress.

I wrote it,  re-read it, tweaked it and was happy with it when I went to post it to WordPress and realized that I just happen to be sitting in the one spot of my house that does not get a good wifi signal, so I got up, went to the kitchen and sat back down to post. I cut and pasted the article into WordPress only to have one paragraph paste in.

I went back to the article and long story short, I accidentally erased the whole thing. A complete 1500 word post, gone. I tried to undo, but nothing. Poof! It was gone. Then I remembered that the program I used does automatic backups every minute to iCloud. Yes! I had a backup on  iCloud and all my work was not lost.

Excitedly, I pulled up the backup folder and saw the backups, but there were only five, and there was nothing else. Well, my excitement died, along with my post. The backups were only of the same one paragraph that I brought into WordPress. I wasn’t sitting in a wifi spot when I wrote it, so it never backed up. It only did when I went into a wifi area, and that’s when I messed up and did some crap that only saved one paragraph.

All I could do was laugh at myself. Why bother to get mad? Obviously the universe was telling me it wasn’t time to share my meditation practice with the world. So I will wait for the right time and share it then.

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  1. Susan says:

    Obviously your meditation practices work and we must read them sooner or later! Man, if I had experienced this event shared above, there would have been swearing, throwing things, some tears, and maybe a broken monitor.


  2. Have you written it yet? Link please!!!


    1. Basil Rene says:

      No, I have not. Have not had the time to do any writing lately. Hopefully soon.

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      1. Will wait for that 🙂


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