Happy Valentine’s Day And A Little Gift To You

english-toffee10It’s that time again for people in love to express their devotion to each other and for single people to be reminded that they are alone. The one thing that everyone has in common with this is day is chocolate or candy in general. I would love to give everyone of my readers a gift of chocolate or candy but that’s pretty impractical, so I am done my the next best thing. Give you the recipe for one of my favorite candies.

In 2003 I went to Colorado and someone offered me a piece of almond toffee. It was made by a Colorado based company called Enstrom’s and I thought I died and went to heaven. I then discovered that Enstroms would ship to anywhere so every Christmas after that I ordered and gave to people and now every Christmas people look forward to my delivery of Enstroms candy.

One day I was watching a program on how foods are made and one of the places that was featured was Enstroms showing how they made their almond toffee. It was a large scale operation but I thought it looked simple enough so I decided to make my own as Enstroms costs $23 a pound. After many trials and errors I finally perfected (at least for me) a recipe that is pretty close to Enstroms.

Here now is the recipe that I use and maybe you may want to try making it yourself.
A couple of notes on the recipe beforehand. First, I use only the best ingredients that I can find. I use all organic ingredients. For the chocolate, I use semi sweet chocolate but you can use milk if that is your preference. Be sure to use the best chocolate and not baker’s chocolate. My preference is Callebaut chocolate from Belgium, which in my opinion is the best chocolate for any dessert preparation there is.

As far as equipment, you will need a heavy saucepan, a wooden spoon (preferably), a candy thermometer (I use a digital one from Williams Sonoma $30.00, but you can find one for about $9 or less in the supermarket) and an 9×9 silicone baking pan or a cookie sheet. I prefer the silicone baking pan because it comes out more uniform and it is easy to remove. Here is a link to the baking pan I use because it maintains its shape better than a regular silicone pan. A note on the butter. I used unsalted butter but it just didn’t have that mph like Enstroms so I decided to use salted butter and that was the change. Don’t add any more salt.

English toffee recipe

  •  1 C White sugar
  •  1/3 C Brown sugar
  •  1 T Corn Syrup
  •  1 Cup salted Butter
  •  2t Vanilla Essence
  •  2 C Semi sweet chocolate chopped fine
  • 1 C Whole toasted almonds
  •  1 C Crush toasted almonds

1 – Combine sugar, syrup and butter in a heavy sauce pan

2 – Over medium heat stir until everything melts. Keep stirring until mixture gets to 302°F

3 – Remove from heat and stir in vanilla

4 – Stir in the whole almonds

5 – Pour mixture out into a very lightly buttered 9″ silicone pan, or a lightly buttered cookie sheet and spread to desired thickness

6 – Pour chopped chocolate on top of mixture and allow to melt.

7 – Spread chocolate to cover sugar and almond mixture evenly

8 – Sprinkle crushed nuts over melted chocolate and gently press into the chocolate

9 – Allow to cool completely naturally or place in freezer for 15 minutes

10 – Break or cut into bite size pieces

Store toffee in a air tight container. I vacuum seal my toffees in a Ball jar and they keep for several weeks in the refrigerator.

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