Could I Be Developing An Allergy To The Cold Or Is This Sarcoidosis Raising Its Ugly Head

img_5347For the past couple of weeks, when I come in from the cold, a few minutes after, I get this horrendous prickly feeling all over my torso, neck, jaw line and upper arms. It is the most irritating feeling, almost as if my skin is being attacked by a thousand little biting insects.

I looked it up, and there is actually a condition where you can be allergic to the cold, but the only thing is, supposedly with that you develop hives and rashes with terrible itching. I don’t get hives, but my skin does get red and blotchy for a bit.

I am coming off prednisone and developments like these make me a bit worried that I may just be getting another sarcoidosis flare up, because if I am developing and allergy to cold, that could mean that my adrenals are finally kicking in and beginning to produce their own prednisone again, or my immune system is becoming hyperactive as in a sarcoidosis flare up.

I could wait and see how this develops. Maybe it will go away on its own. If it continues, then I think I have to look into getting a PET scan to make sure that all is quiet in Sarcoidosis land. Until then, it is very irritating, especially if I am in a public place and all I want to do is tear off all of my clothes to rub off these “ants” that feel like they are crawling all over my body.

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