My New Oxygen Concentrator Is Less Than Three Pounds And I Love It

I started using oxygen for sleep and exertion in 2007 and at the time I was given those horrendous wine bottle size portable oxygen tanks that weighed a ton and only lasted an hour or two. Those didn’t work for me since my main form of exercise is hiking, so I researched and got my insurance company to approve liquid oxygen, which was a lot lighter and lasted at least five or so hours.

The disadvantage with the portable liquid oxygen units was that whether or not you are using it, the liquid oxygen slowly escapes, so for a road trip I would find that I would be out of oxygen when I got to my destination.

Then in early 2015 I received a promotional email for the Inogen One G3 portable oxygen unit, which was about the same size and weight of my liquid oxygen unit, but it was a battery operated unit that could supply oxygen for up to seven hours and I could recharge it and use it in the car if I needed to. It also was great for when I traveled as I did not need to lug around a 40 pound oxygen concentrator in the car for use in hotel rooms when I drove places for work in summer, and it was also approved for use in an airplane which I found I needed more and more as I flew. Insurance wouldn’t pay for it, so I purchased one on my own.

Then last year I went away on vacation and realized that the unit was really uncomfortable for extended use when I would be walking around all day, so I left it in the apartment we rented. It had its own backpack, but 9 pounds all day on my back was uncomfortable and cumbersome.

Then I got an email for a new portable unit from Inogen called the G4 which is about half the size of the G3 and I wanted it. Insurance did not pay for my G3 nor will it pay for the G4, so I bought it and  I absolutely love it. It is so small and light weight I can use it for extended periods and barely notice that it’s there.

I got it with the extended and regular battery and with the extended battery I can get about four hours use, two hours with the regular one.

Right now I have the two portable units, the G3 and the G4. I am trying to get the G3 sold through an oxygen supply company because I don’t want to sell it directly online as you need a prescription to buy one of these units and I don’t want to get caught up in any legal nonsense down the line. If I don’t get it, then I will keep it for when I use my treadmill at home.

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