Pill Pack Is A Great Service, But Not For Me

In 2014 I saw an article about Pill Pack, an online pharmacy that sends out your prescriptions to you prepackaged in little packets according to what time you take them. Each pack is dated and has the time you are supposed to take the meds, and which meds are in the packets for that particular dosage.

I was intrigued and thought it was a great idea, so i joined up. It was simple, I just gave them my info and in a day or two all of my prescriptions were transferred over to Pill Pack from my pharmacy with no intervention on my part. A few days later I received a box from UPS with a roll of packets filled with all my prescriptions, enough for two weeks.

I loved it. No more standing at the counter and filling out those pill sorters which are boxy and inconvenient to carry around and no more having to concentrate to make sureI did not mess up my dosage. It was all done for me.

Then my doctor changed my medication. No problem, just tell the doctor to send the prescription to pill pack and they will make the changes with the next shipment. And they did, but the changes would not take effect until my next shipment in a week and the doctor wanted the dosage changed immediately. I worked around it because I still had some extra pill bottles of that particular medication, so I just put the extra dose in a small pill pouch and added it to my neatly labeled Pill Pack pouches.

At the regular pharmacy, insurance usually allows you to renew your prescriptions every 25 days, so you can pick up you prescription five days before it runs out. At Pill Pack, they ship the packets six days before your other shipment is due to run out, and herin lies a problem.

One day, my shipment was sent out on a Thursday with my prescriptions on hand set to run out on the following Wednesday. Shipments are sent by UPS second day air, so with the weekend, the shipment was due to get to me on Monday evening, which gives me a one day buffer. Monday I got a notice that the package had been rescheduled to Tuesday.

On Tuesday I received my notice that the package was delivered, but there was no package at my door. I looked everywhere, and nothing. I called UPS and they said they would put a tracer on it. I called Pill Pack and they said they will overnight a new pack for me the next day. UPS could not find it, the driver delivered it to another house up the street and no one was home the following day to get the package back.

Now it’s Wednesday and I have no meds, as the Pill Pack was not arriving until the following day. I don’t think I would of dropped dead from missing one day’s meds, but I still didn’t want to know, so I went down to my regular pharmacy and they were nice enough to put together two days of meds for me to cover my tail. That disaster was averted slightly.

Then I was going on vacation and my meds delivery would cross with my travels, and Pill Pack was nice enough to send me a month’s worth to cover that, but the thing is, as they sent the month’s worth, another doctor changed the dosage on another medication, so I realized that with the amount of traveling I do, and my constant taking away and adding and reducing, this service was not for me. It will work for someone that has difficulty getting around and whose medications are constant.

I really like the Pill Pack convenience, but for me it ended up being inconvenient.


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