Shaking The Family Tree Can Result In A Knock In The Head

For some reason, race plays a big part of statistics when it comes to a lot of things, sarcoidosis especially being one of them. I personally have a pet peeve with questionnaires that require your race for statistical purposes or whatever and that stems from the fact that I come from a long line of racists. Yes, my family is racist. The thing is, racism drives me up the wall, so dealing with the majority of my family is almost impossible, so frankly, I don’t.

Recently I saw an ad for and their DNA ancestry testing. You send in a saliva sample and they do a DNA profile outlining where in the world your ancestors came from. I got really interested as I would like to prove for once and for all that my family is crazy to be racist because we are mixed.

I ordered the test and sent in my saliva sample and I am waiting to hear back from them what I am as far as race is concerned, and between you and me, I hope that it comes back with some African and middle eastern in the mix so I can finally shut my family up.

While I wait for the results, I decided I would do up my own family tree on and the amount of secrets that I am unveiling is quite fascinating. Take for instance that I never knew that my maternal grandfather was stationed in  India before he met my grandmother and he fathered a child with an Indian woman, so I have (or rather had because I am sure that they are way past dead by now) an uncle or aunt in India and a bunch of cousins more than likely.

The most shocking part of it was I was able to trace my family on my father’s side back to my great, great, great, great grandfather (Whew!), and I knew he was a plantation owner, but I just never thought about him being a slave master.

I came across a census list from the British government that listed all of his slaves. Slaves! My freaking family were slave owners, and that just blows my mind. I still can’t believe that people were allowed to own other people, but that my family was part of that horrendous practice is just mind blowing.

My family loves to boast of their French heritage, but I always laugh to myself that the French DNA must be so diluted now that there is only one blood corpuscle floating around in my blood stream with a French accent.

I came up with a guesstimate of my ancestral DNA just going by what my family has said over the years, but I am sure that it is going to come back a lot more mixed than this. There are so many family secrets that no one will ever know about. So I am recording here what my DNA heritage is per my family. Can’t wait to see what the real results in about three to four more weeks will be.

  • 12.5%    or  1/8 English
  • 12.5%    or  1/8 Dutch
  • 12.5%    or  1/8 Chinese
  • 18.75% or  3/16 French
  • 56.25% or  9/16 Carib (Native people of the Caribbean – Ancestry will list this as Native American


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