Remembering To Laugh

Have you ever wondered how your mood or attitude can affect someone else? I know it does for me. I could be having the best day and then I come across a rude store clerk and it just gets my goat. Rudeness is just about my biggest pet peeve, but I am learning to go above that. When I feel the rage climbing into my head (more often than not it’s prednisone induced), I close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and let it go.

The other day I went to the pharmacy to pick up one of my dogs’ medicine (He has a heart problem too!), and I was having a very hectic day, and was in a couple of stores already where I had to deal with a couple of semi rude store clerks (it seems I attract them*), and the man at the pharmacy counter asked me very seriously for my dog’s “pawbile” number. I was a bit confused at first and then I realized the pun. Then one after the other with a very serious face, he kept giving me pun after pun and I literally burst out laughing.

I had not laughed that much with a stranger. I listen to a lot of comedy radio** and I laugh with my wife and friends, but I don’t think I ever laughed with a stranger like that. It was as if my guides were telling him to show me not to take the day and people so seriously. Just that two or three-minute interaction changed my day around completely and it reminded me that if ever I am having what I think is a tough day, just turn on some comedy radio and just laugh. It will change everything. Laughter is always the best medicine.

*I once learned that the more you resist something, the more it would push back at you to teach you how to deal with it. My pet peeve is rudeness, so I find that i constantly come across rude people to teach me how to deal with it in a positive way. It’s a tough lesson, but I am getting there slowly.

** If you are interested in comedy radio for some levity, there are a few stations on satellite radio, but if you don’t subscribe, the Pandora app, which is free has a station as well as Amazon Music if you subscribe to Prime. It really helps the time pass happily in traffic if you are alone.

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