Please, Enough With The Bible Misquotes And Quotation Overuse 

I browse a lot of blogs everyday and a recurring theme, especially in health blogs, is bible quotes. I have nothing against anyone quoting the Bible, but if you are going to do it, then please put a quote that is actually referencing what you are talking about and not something completely different because you think it makes you seem smarter or more “Christian”.

As an example, I came across a health blog the other day and the person had this quote at the start of their post: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” ~ Matthew 5:6 ESV. What was the post about? They were on a diet and was able to bypass their hunger and cravings and stick to their diet and not cheat. Really? That quote has nothing to do with literal hunger!

Is there is an app out there that finds bible quotes for you if you just type in the word or words you want a quote about and it will give a relevant passage. The thing is, people are taking these quotes, putting a literal meaning to them and posting them to their blog posts. It has gotten to point where when I just see a quote from the Bible, I just move on without even reading the post.

Before anyone starts writing to me that I am some demon that needs to read the Bible to understand what is being said, just know that I went to Primary and Secondary all boys Catholic schools, so I HAD to read both the Old and New Testament from cover to cover and dissected every testament, wrote papers on them, and learned what the interpretation of every parable and every quote meant, so believe me, I know the Bible. 

To me, just because because someone has memorized quotes from the Bible doesn’t mean that they are any more of a Christian, or a better person than the person sitting next to you on the train that probably never opened the Bible. 

Being a Christian is being a good person, non judgmental person. It is not what have memorized verbatim and what you are able to quote at a moments notice, especially when those quotes are being used as a weapon to belittle or chastise someone for what you think is wrong. Being a Christian is what you actually learned from the meaning of those quotes, opening your heart and allowing those feelings of compassion to allow you to forgive, console and spread love, even if it is with just a smile. Stop quoting from the Bible indiscriminately. Understand the meaning of the words in there and quote from your heart because the Source will let the right words flow from you to reach the right people. 

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  1. Thanks! I appreciate you saying this. I really do.

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    1. Thanks Christine. Glad to get some positive response. I already received two direct messages from a couple of people not brace enough to leave public comments advising me that I am a) going to hell and b) I must be a democrat devil 😂

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  2. Well, some people should worry more so about their own soul’s finally destination before trying to advise about someone else’s soul. ☺

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    1. Jake Archibald McKenzie says:

      The job of all Christians is to convert all non Christians in order to see the light and find Jesus before it is too late! Would you ignore someone being beaten in the road? No you would not. The same way as a TRUE Christian that has walked in the blood of our one true God, we need to redeem the followers of Satan in order that they find salvation in the Lord.


      1. Jake, thank you for visiting and sharing your opinion. You are obviously passionate in your belief. I hope that you are able to continue your work in peace and love, and also allow others to also express their opinions and beliefs without fear of retribution. Blessings, Basil.


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