The Weekend Revist Of: A “Thinking Out Loud Post” – Waiting

Ever wonder why we wait so long at the doctor’s office? It seems there are more people in the waiting room every time I go to my cardiologist.

Today I had an appointment at 11:15 and as I was checking in, another person came in and checked in for the same time for the same doctor.

Two appointments at the same time. Someone is going to have to wait. I am accustomed to waiting and I am patient, but now I know that if I get there after the other person, I am going to have to wait. Today at least, it was not me ….

Originally Posted May 17 2012

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  1. Sometimes, it pays to be early to get your name on the check-in list first. Other times,, it just won’t matter because the doctor had a patient that had to go to the hospital and the doctor had to go take care of him. I’ve had my appointment cancelled as I was driving to the appointment because of this. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often.

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