What Is Typical Acceptable Reality

I want to put forward a thought on human behavior. First, take one hundred people in your contact list, be they personal, work associate or someone you went to school with but don’t really know well. On a piece of paper, write their names and their cell phone numbers next to it. Go to bed and place the list next to your phone, and then the exercise begins.

When you wake up, as you get out of bed, check the weather on your phone. Think of an appropriate outfit for the day. Now call everyone of those people on the list and tell them what the weather prediction is today and what you are going to wear. For this entire exercise, if you get their voicemail, you leave a message. 

Next, after you get dressed and make yourself breakfast, take a photo of your breakfast and text it to the people on your list and let them know how wonderful it tasted

Next get in your car and go to what ever you had planned that day and more than likely you will hit traffic so if you do get traffic, call all of those people and tell them you are in traffic and that you are on your way to wherever and you hope you don’t get their late. Maybe even take a photo of the traffic and text it to them just to prove your point.

When you get to your destination, be sure to call all those people on your list again and let them know that you are at your destination and exactly what you plan for the day. While you were walking inside, let’s pretend that your jacket got hooked on a door handle and it ripped! Now you have to go to Macy’s and buy a new one. You aren’t sure you can afford a new one, so you call the people on the list and let them know the jacket ripped and you are going to buy a new one that you more than likely can’t afford.

Off to the mall you go and when you get there, believe it or not, no parking. You have to circle for about five minutes. Well, get on your phone and call all the people on your list and tell them you have been circling for close to an hour. Then take a pic of your eventual parking spot and text it to everyone to show how you squeezed into a spot too small for your oversized SUV and let them know how proud you are of your parking. 

You’re in the mall and you’re in Macy’s now. Pick up that phone and call all the people on the list and let them know you are in Macy’s, and boy is it crowded. Get to shopping. Ah ha! You found the perfect jacket and it’s half off. Pick up that phone and tell everyone you had to pay full price, but it’s worth it, and for good measure, take a pick of the jacket with the full price tag (which you didn’t pay) and text it to your list. 

You’re hungry. Can’t decide on Cheesecake Factory or the food court. Call everyone and tell them you can’t make up your mind. You decide on the burger joint instead, so you drive there and buy a burger, fries and of course, a Diet Coke. Pick the phone up and let everyone know.

It’s a long day, you’re tired, but think you want to catch a movie. Yep, pick up that phone and call everyone. You go to see the latest blockbuster and it was great. You have to share that joy, right? Pick your phone and call everyone on your list and give them a brief critique of the movie, but don’t give away the story too much. 

Now it’s time to head to the bar to meet up with three of the friends on that list, so when you get to the bar, you call all the other people on your list to let them that the four of you are BFFs and the rest of them are losers. You are having a blast, so you and your friends take some pics and you text them to all the people on the list, even those that are there with you, then they text some to their friends too for good measure. 

It’s time to leave the bar and you get home and you are exhausted. But still you had an awesome time and you are heading to bed. Hey, not before picking up that phone and calling everyone on your list to tell them you are exhausted and heading to bed. Better get some rest, because tomorrow you are doing it all over again

If you had a friend doing that all day, and you were constantly getting calls and messages all day, wouldn’t you think they were bat shit crazy, lonely and in desperate need of attention? Yet people do this everyday, but instead of calling and texting all their friends, they post all of this on social media and no one blinks an eye. What’s the difference?

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