The Weekend Revisit Of : Finding My Dreams In A Song

Originally posted MAY 27, 201
The other day my wife asked me if I had any dreams and I honestly could think of none. Have I allowed my condition to stop me from truly living? How the hell could I not have any dreams, or have I locked them away so that I don’t end up getting disappointed, or worse yet, I subconsciously don’t think I will be around long enough to see them through. Despite my pontificating on always having hope, have I unbeknownst to me, silently stopped living? Am just existing now?

I always say, no matter what, you are where you are supposed to be. Last night was a horrible, cold, windy, rainy night, and I could have easily said it was too dangerous to drive the hour and ten minutes to a concert by my favorite singer of all time, Olivia Newton John. I waited 40 years to finally see her live, and the opportunity made itself shown. I went, and during the singing of one song, I had a psychological break through. I have a bunch of dreams, but I locked them away and could not retrieve them. And one verse of one song had them all come flooding to my consciousness. I was able to see just how blessed I am, that despite my conditions, I am still able to be active and do many things people with less than I are of capable of doing.

Even if the universe decides that my time is up tomorrow, I should never let my condition hinder me from having dreams, fulfilling goals, and learning continuously. Who is to say that I will not live to be 92 as an old psychic once told me. I am so blessed that I am always, eventually able to self analyze myself. Now I truly have to start back living and dreaming – again.
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