Day 40 Of My Mantra Meditation “Challenge” Complete. 

I am practicing meditation for a few years now but mostly guided meditations and not everyday. A lot of the time I would fall asleep during it. 

Today I finished a “test” (I prefer test over challenge) of doing a mantra meditation for forty days straight and I have not missed a day. 

I will write another post on Mantra meditation, although by no means am I an expert on the subject. Mantra meditation is where you repeat a word or phrase sometimes with the use of a mala (string of beads) to keep track and focus. I have been doing a gratitude meditation and here is what I have found since I started. 

Every day when I end my meditation I ask that I get through the day smoothly, without confrontation and that every encounter allows the exchange to be only peaceful and with love. 

Before starting the meditation test, rudeness being my biggest pet peeve, I would undoubtedly encounter rude service people multiple times a week and inevitably get  pissed off. In the last forty days I encountered one rude person – just one, and they did not piss me off.  I simply considered that their attitude was not a reflection on me but an extention of the day or life they were having. 

Instead I felt compassion for them but at the same time I realized that they were not going to let  go of their attitude, so rather than allow them to continue, I picked up my stuff and quietly moved to another cashier without saying anything. 

Some may look at that as being passive aggressive, but I think of it as not wanting to deal with negativity and choosing to move away from bad energy at the same time sending love. 

It is said it takes just 21 days to retrain the brain to form new neuropathways to form a new habit and I passed that time. Now when the day is going on and I have not meditated, I feel my spirit calling me to do the practice to reconnect with my soul. 

To be quiet and still in my mind is not easy at all and that is why I am practicing mantra meditation. I still wander in my thoughts and journey into my to do list, but I will eventually, with time and practice, learn to be still, even if it is for just 20 mins. 

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