The Elevator Ride 

As I walked into the hospital to get a blood test, I passed people exiting the building, their heads down, refusing to to look up. I stepped into the elevator and everyone kept their heads down or just stared at the red digital display showing the floor we are on.
I said “good morning” to no one and everyone. Some reluctantly mumbled an inaudibe response and some didn’t move their heads at all. I glanced and saw that the floor I was going to was already selected so I turned and did the elevator stance of the new guy – stand facing the door and look at the cold stainless steel as I felt the elevator begin its ascent.
We all rode in silence and waited for the box to stop at its next destination. The door opened and I stepped aside to allow the people getting off at this floor to get off. No one did and no one got on. The elevator continued its ascent and I assumed my place and waited. The next floor is where I got off. Once more, the elevator stops and the doors opened. I turned and saaid “have a good day” to no one and everyone. I stepped off onto my floor and as the door closed behind me, a single voice said “have a great day too” and my faith in humanity was once again restored.

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  1. What a tough crowd. I would have, at least, looked up and even just created something that would be near a smile.

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    1. I guess being in a hospital everyone was engrossed in their own personal issues


      1. Oh. I didn’t realize the setting was in a hospital. But you’re most probably right.

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