Stumbling Is Another Opportunity To Dust Myself Off And Start Over

 What can I say about this disease. It seems I make a step forward and then another one back or sometimes even two. For those of you that are now coming across my blog for the first time, I have a disease known as sarcoidosis and in 2007, I found out that it was in my heart and that I had had heart failure. The prognosis wasn’t all that good at the time and I was told that within five years, I would need a heart transplant. I was told that no one recovers from cardiac sarcoidosis. However, I am not a person that does what people tell me to do, so I fought, and against all odds, I recovered on my own. Now today in 2017, I still have the heart that I came in this planet with and after starting off with an ejection fraction of less than 25%, I made it up to 55%.

This week however I went for my semi annual check up at my heart specialist where I did my echocardiogram and it looks like my heart ejection fraction is now 40%. Adding to that I also had my implanted defibrillator interrogated and it seems that in the last six months I had 33 a-fibs, although each one only lasted less than a minute. 

Apparently a-fibs that are short like that, especially that many is cause for concern for a stroke. I was on blood thinners before, using Plavix, but because I was doing so well, my doctor took me off of them. When this all started 10 years ago, not only did I learn I had heart failure, but I also discovered that I had a hole in my heart. That caused me to have a mini stroke and so now with all these little things adding up it was advised that I go back on the stuff so I don’t get a stroke again.

And that’s my story for this week. I think most of all my new ejection fraction and the multiple a-fibs are a result of stress. I’ve had major stress since the middle of August with work and my personal life. I had to go back to my home land 3 times because my mother is not well. Also with work I have a lot of traveling through summer – pretty much every weekend. So all the traveling – five international flights and a couple of domestic ones, plus lots of long distance traveling by car, it was exhausting and stressful. So I don’t think I really fully recovered from that time. My mom is better now thank goodness, but it took a toll on me. In addition to that there’s a lot of family drama with my family back in my birth land when it came to my mom and that took a toll on me too. 

So I’m not too worried about all this. I think it’s just a minor set back. I’m OK with being back on it, although not happy with it, but I’m OK with it. So let’s see how long I need to stay on Xarelto. Maybe I may have to stay on for the rest of my life. I don’t know. We’ll see. But like everything else. I just go with the flow don’t worry about it and smile.

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