Running Silent And Having The Universe Slap Some Sense Up The Side Of My Head

I started this blog April 2010 for myself. It wasn’t meant to help anyone to be honest. I went through a major change in my life when developing sarcoidosis and all the complementary conditions it decided to provide me, such as heart failure and secondary pulmonary hypertension. It was just a way to expunge, and I never expected anyone to ever read my posts, or far less follow it.

My journey started as a physical one, but over the years, I realized that the journey was a spiritual one. My thoughts and attitude shifted in that I no longer felt the need to write about my journey with the disease anymore, because I felt that I was feeding it, keeping it alive. By writing about it constantly, I felt that I was letting the disease become the focal point of my life.

I no longer wanted to be known as the man that was having a “Life with sarcoidosis”. I was getting better. I was beating the odds and I felt that keeping that aspect alive was holding me back from progressing. So I changed the name of my blog from “Life with sarcoidosis” to “Life as an anomaly”.

With that change came a new attitude and a new direction. I wanted to write about leading a positive life. I was seeing people on social media that were living with the disease constantly crying out for help, tweeting about their pain and daily struggle. I wanted to get away from that because I realized that it was my positive attitude, never complaining and just having an appreciation for my life was what was making me better.

But unfortunately, people in pain don’t want to hear about “spiritual crap”. They want a cure, and they want it now. So I found that with my shift towards a more spiritual approach towards my disease and my life, my readership dropped significantly. So with that, I wondered, what was the purpose of keeping up my blog? Sometimes I would put up a post and it may get two hits. I wasn’t giving people what they wanted – an answer on how to get better with a pill. The truth of the matter is that it was not a pill, but my attitude that got me better.

This year has been an extremely stressful time for me. I had a hectic time with work, traveling almost every week from the end of May to the End of September. My mother became very ill and all that resulted in a lot of travel, with five trips alone being international travel. I have seen the inside of JetBlue’s JFK terminal more times than I can imagine. I travelled so many times that I literally accumulated enough points to pay for three international return flights. I know every restaurant in the terminal. Some of the flight attendants on JetBlue know me by name. I rented so many cars from Avis at airports that I now have their Avis Preferred Plus status.

Being that crazy busy left no time to really produce any quality blogs, and the fact that no one was really reading my posts, I figured what was the point anyway. I had all these post in my head, but I would look at my laptop and say “What’s the point?”.

With that, I was going to post my final post this December to close down my blog once and for all. Before I did that however, I meditated on it, and the universe let me know in its own way that I needed to put aside my freaking ego and keep the blog going. Who cares if only one person read your post? That’s all that mattered. If one person read it, got something from it, then I did my job. I needed to learn to write my post, put it up, and let it go. It would get to who needed it and I didn’t need to look out for a pat on my back or confirmation that I was doing a good job. This blog was no longer for me. It was now there to help those who needed help. They would find it when they needed it, and would get from it what they needed. It wasn’t for me to decide what other people needed from my writing. So what if my writing was going to be guided towards a more spiritual path? I didn’t need to censor myself because their would be a few that would not understand or accept that way of thinking.

And so, my blog stays. I will try to write more, and again, I have no idea what I am going to write about. I have no theme or specific subject. It might be about a sunset or about a person I saw in the supermarket. Who knows? So for those of you that have been following me for the past almost eight years, I welcome you to continue with me on this bus ride to nowhere, and you are welcome to get off when ever you feel. But if you stay on, I can promise that somewhere along the route, you’ll see something worth your time.

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  1. I really enjoy your style of writing. It’s very thought provoking. I like that your blog is doom and gloom free. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she is doing better. —Christine

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    1. Thanks Christine, both for the encouragement and for my mum. And yes, she has made a full recovery thankfully.


  2. Twyla says:

    I don’t how long I’ve been following you ,but I really enjoy your blog .


    1. Thanks Twyla! I know you’ve been with me a long time. 😀


  3. Brian says:

    ThanKY0U … ironic that your blog post was the same day I got confirmation of Sarc In lungs (biopsy)and heart due to echo. Lungs were strongly suspected after a horrific pneumonia …. the heart was an unexpected bonus. (Pending confirmation with MRI & PET next week) …. a few short years ago I was marathoning and Ironman triathlete. Big change. I find solace in your comments. During My 3 month dramatic slide post Sarcoidosis suspicions raised during my pneumonia bout; I have had time to be google doctor / treatments /outcomes … etc. I felt in my heart that my real issue was stress mgmt / life balance / spirituality growth. I’ll take the pills the doctors suggest, but I will focus on renewing myself spiritually, physically and counting my blessings which are numerous.

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    1. First off, I am so sorry that you have been burdened with this terrible disease, but I am also happy that you discovered you have it. Many people are still misdiagnosed and are walking around with the wrong treatment.
      With everything, you will go through different stages, like grief, but once you have a positive attitude from the start, the journey although tough will a lot easier. I wish you the best of luck and if you ever have any questions or just need to vent, feel free to contact me directly anytime.


  4. I have been reading your work for the past few years and my lack of response at times is not necessarily any indiction that I do not appreciate all that you have to say. You have been a great comfort in my dire times and have added much positive “vibes” to my life with sarcoidosis. I, like you am a multi-system survivor and I totally agree that dealing with this for the past 20 years, has more to do with attitude than anything else. You might be the only positive influence on that one person who needs to hear you the most. Keep on writing.

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    1. Thanks so much Kathleen. That means a lot. That’s what the universe was telling me basically. There are people that read my stuff so just keep plodding on. Hope you are well.


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