When You Strike A Nerve You Know That You Are Doing Something Right

I recently put up a post called #Sarcoidosis Tweets Are The Whiniest Tweets There Are On The Planet and boy did I get a lot of direct emails for that one. That particular post received the second most hits of all my posts and the most direct email responses. The negative comments were by direct email because I suppose those people did not want others to know that they were attacking me. And yes, some attacked. There were a lot of positive comments also. I don’t know why people chose to direct email rather than comment on the blog itself. Personal preferences.

Anyway, the reason I am posting this is that I haven’t posted for the year and someone wrote to ask if I stopped posting because of the “backlash” of the afore mentioned post. To all those out there that believe that is the case,I just wanted you to know that there was no backlash. Actually, the positive feedback was 90% more than the negative. the negative feedback was obviously from the whiny people that do tweet their complaints. As a mater of fact, I got some emails from Sarcoidosis groups thanking me for the post because they were getting tired of the negative posts on their forums.

So I am still here, unphased. Time is against me right now, but I am keeping my posts coming soon. To all those those that sent in your tremendous support, once again I thank you. To those that called me uncaring, mean and without empathy, thank you for your opinion and I sincerely hope that you do find peace.


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