When You Realize That Life Is Just Awesome

Ever have a day when you wake up and realize just how truly blessed you are? I don’t just mean lucky to be alive. I mean truly and wonderfully blessed! A realization that stuff just falls into place for you no matter what!

I woke up this morning and had that realization and it really is a wonderful feeling. I have a boat load of crap on my plate, and no matter what, it all always just works out for me. I look back on my journey with sarcoidosis and think that in 2007, I was told that I would need a heart transplant by 2012 and that I only had a 10% chance of surviving to 2017. Yet I am still here, same heart I came into this planet with and still thriving.

Am I lucky? I don’t believe in luck. I believe in faith. Ask in the right way. Ask knowing that life will provide me with the correct outcome. Knowing that whatever the outcome, there is a reason for it. If something does not initially happen they way I hoped, then I know that Life has another plan for me. Something better is waiting around the corner.


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  1. Always so very inspirational. We have the same spirit and attitude towards life and living well. My diagnosis came in 1998 – heart, skin and lungs. They also didn’t give me much of a chance of survival but here I am in 2018 looking forward to all the other grand chapters of my life. As you said, nothing to do with luck and everything to do with unwavering fearless faith. Take care and thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks Kathleen. There is much of a chance at life without some faith.


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