When Sh!t Hits The Fan, You Either Hold Your Breath Or Count Your Blessings

Last night as I started to doze off, there was a loud alarm sound coming from my bathroom. Instantly I thought it was the house alarm, but just as quickly realized how dumb the thought was as the siren is no where near the bathroom. Then I realized it was my oxygen concentrator.

I got out of bed and opened the bathroom door to the blaring sound of the alarm, a glowing red light next to an orange triangle symbol with an exclamation mark in it. I think that, and the fact that the concentrator was smelling “hot” solved the mystery of the source of the alarm.

I unplugged the unit from the wall and went and got my portable unit. I set it up next to my bed and turned it on. The portable is tiny. It’s an Inogen G4 that I bought last year January, and it is pretty quiet. That’s why I keep my large one in our bathroom, so we don’t hear it at night.

Anyway, as I settled back into bed, the gentle purr and puff of this small portable unit began to get progressively louder and then there was what sounded like an elf with a bell inside the unit dinging his bell every time the unit puffed.

The big unit is about four or five years old but the small unit is just over a year. The company that I bought the big unit from is no longer in existence so I have to ship it to Florida from NY to get it serviced. The small unit is thankfully still under warranty so when I called Inogen this morning, they sent out a brand new unit for me today with overnight delivery, so it will be here tomorrow.

Most people will think that having both oxygen concentrators bum out at once is really bad luck but I see it as being extremely blessed. First, the company that is servicing the large unit is paying for the shipping and the estimate is free. Not something that happens much these days. Second, I am getting a brand new unit from Inogen shipped over night at no cost to me. Third, I can have no supply of oxygen for a few days and be ok. Now why would anyone not see that as being blessed?

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  1. Hi! I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me but I didn’t have the portable backup you did back then. I would like to offer a suggestion though. Do not keep an oxygen concentrator in use in an enclosed room. It needs to be well ventilated because it will overheat. It also needs good airflow to give you the proper amount of oxygen since it recycles the room air to divide out the oxygen that you get from the machine. So allowing it fresh air helps you and the concentrator. I know some concentrators are loud though. I use a 50 ft. tubing so I can keep my concentrator in the family room while I sleep in my bedroom and connect the tubing to my bipap when I sleep.

    Also, if you have health insurance, some insurance will replace bipap machines and concentrators every 5 years. Check with your insurance though. It depends on your coverage. If you buy a concentrator, see if it includes a maintenance plan with whomever you buy it from. There is a nationwide company that’s really good to work with. They’re called Lincare. They service my oxygen even on vacation.


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    1. Thanks Christine. Good advise. I actually used Lincare but my insurance at the time wouldn’t pay for it anymore. I think my bathroom is large enough but maybe not.


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