Happy Birthday To Me!

56! Can’t believe I am here already! Don’t feel like 56 though. So blessed to make to this age. So blessed to be alive! And apparently I don’t look like 56 either.

I went to a local crafts store in a plaza and popped into the wine store next door as I was leaving to buy a “birthday lottery”. I asked the woman on the counter for a ticket and she asked me for identification.

Me: ID? For what? Lottery? Since when?

Woman: Always been that way. Cigarettes, beer, liquor, wine. All need ID.

Me: Sorry, I did not know that about lottery too. But seriously, can’t you see I am way over 21?!

Woman: Still need your ID.

Me: But you do admit I am over twenty one? (Still reluctant to take out my ID because I don’t want to unless I need to)

Woman: How much over 21?

Me: Today is my birthday and I just turned 56.

Woman: What??!! 56?! You are older than my husband and he don’t look no where as young as you!

Me: Thanks. How old do you think I was?

Woman: You don’t look a day over 40. God as my witness.

Me: Thanks again. And since 40 is still a lot over 21, so can I get my lottery now?

She smiled and gave in. Hope the effort is worth at least a jackpot!

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    1. Thanks Kathleen! 😀


  2. Ohmygosh!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Basil! I think you should take at least a whole week to celebrate the most amazing day you were born. I’m so excited for you. It’s your BIRTHDAY!!!!

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    1. Thanks Christine! So funny you say that. That’s exactly what we do. Celebrate the entire week. 😀 💫🎂🍦

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