Yes, I Am Alive!

Someone that follows my blog sent an email to me the other day, asking if I was alive as I have not been writing. Yes, I am alive!

What can I say? I have been busy but honestly I just haven’t had the zeal to write on my blog, write my book or even journal. It’s not depression or writer’s block. It’s just a simple matter of I have just been to busy to do anything of late. I think I just have burn out and needed to take a break from everything.

Summer is my busy time for work and I do a lot of traveling. Almost every week I drive between two and a half to four hours depending on traffic to my other location, and when I get there I work thirteen to sixteen hours each day for three to four days. Then I hop in the car and drive another two and a half to four hours back home.

After all that, I am exhausted and I take a day to recover, and then in a couple days it’s back on the road.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but my physicality is limited at times and it can be exhausting. I love to drive. Always did. And I use the time in the car to listen to books or podcasts so that I am learning something and not just wasting time. And I treat every single trip in the car as a mini vacation so although I do get tired physically, mentally I am alert.

Yet, I don’t have the zeal or the time to write. I pull out my lap top and all I want to do is watch some really mindless videos on YouTube.

Labor day is here and my traveling decreases. Just one more weekend after that and no more traveling for the year other than personal. So I should be back to the old keyboard again expounding about the only thing that I am truly an expert on. Me.

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