When A Discount Is Not A Good Thing

5% isn’t that much of a discount if you go to store, but it is a lot when you are talking about ejection fractions and heart functions. It’s something you don’t want a discount on. It’s something you hope for an increase.

I had my annual echo cardiogram last week and met with my cardiologist yesterday to discuss the the results. 35%. That’s my current ejection fraction. Last year was 40%. The year before was 45%. The year before that was 51%. I have been dropping by 5% a year! Does that mean that the sarcoidosis never really left? And now that I am finally weaning off of prednisone after twelve years, would I have to go back on it?

I will do a PET scan in a week or two to see if the sarcoidosis is active again in the heart and lungs and thinking of all my little symptoms, I am hoping it isn’t and that I am just having prednisone withdrawal.

As someone once said, I can’t remember who but it went something like “Worry is a down payment on something you may never own”, so why worry? I’ll have my tests and go from there.

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  1. KB says:

    I am 49 with cardiac sarc. I was DX’ed with cardiac and pulmonary sarc March ’06 I am currently down to 7.5 mg of pred. I had my annual echocardiogram and my EF in normal around 50%-55%. I had a VT ablation by one of the best Dr’s. in country this Nov. because of arrythmias. Contact me if you want to trade info. I might know something that is helpful to you and vice versa. Peace!


  2. KB says:

    I am 49 and have cardiac sarc with an ICD. I was diagnosed with cardiac and pulmonary sarc in March ’06. I am currently down to 7.5 mg of pred daily. My last annual echocardiogram from a couple weeks ago had my EF at 50-55%. This past Nov I had a VT ablation because of arrythimias. Contact me as I might know something you don’t and vice versa. Peace!

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    1. Hi KB. Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately your contact info was not included. You can email me at lifeasananomaly@gmail.com


  3. I know exactly how you feel. It took me a while to read. I’ve been having a few challenges myself. I’m down to 33%, back on prednisone and have very low energy levels. It’s a struggle everyday but I’m keeping moving. I know that you’re a strong person who has been an inspiration to many of us. I wish you all the positivity that the universe can supply in your fight to improve your health. Stay well.

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    1. Thanks Kathleen! Happy New Year. Feel better


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