I’m Back, Again

Seems like I keep disappearing and reappearing from posting to this blog. Over the past year my posts have been minimal at least.

The past few months were stressful with my own health and then my mum’s and then my mum’s passing, so I had no zeal to write about anything or even read other blogs that I follow.

I suppose it is my way of keeping away from the disease to some point. By not writing or reading about it then I am not thinking about it.

Then I got one of those emails from someone that said my blog has changed their life, and again I am inspired to write. Is it ego? Maybe, but I think that when I get a really mind blowing email about how some simple thing I posted and never thought about again changed someone’s perspective, it made me realize that I need to keep this blog alive. That’s what I write this blog for after all. To let people know there is always hope.

The bottom line is, I love to write and this blog lets me get my thoughts out of my head and into the universe. Right now I am back again to keep this blog going, but like the disease, and life itself, I can’t guarantee anything.

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  1. Gary says:

    Sounds like you’ve really had a bad go of it. So I think it’s great that your back writing again and making a difference, I’m looking forward to reading through your older posts. It’s not that bad for the old ego to get a boost, as anyone who lives with a long term health condition deserves that boost now and again. Makes you realise your not going through it alone.

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  2. Thanks Gary and Welcome to yer old blog 😉


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