Learn To Use Your Smartphone To Enjoy Better Health

I started using a smartphone before there was even an Apple iPhone. Remember the Palm Treo? The world’s first smartphone? As a matter of fact I started to use PDAs, Personal Digital Assistants, the precursor to the smartphone way back in 1990. I had a Toshiba PDA and believe it or not, I still have it to this day and it still works!

A PDA was basically an electronic device that stored calendars, contacts, notes etc., same as a modern day smartphone except it could not make calls. While the rest of the world was still using pen and paper, I was all digital and to say that I know how to use my iPhone inside out is an understatement.

Learn To Tap Into Your Phone’s Full Potential

A lot of people do not tap into even 1/10th of their phone’s full potential. They mostly just use it for social media. I still see people walking around with a iPhone and pulling out a day planner to enter their appointments. Their excuse is that the phone can be lost or stolen or stop working. And your day planner is immune from being lost?

Lose Your Smartphone But Keep Your Info

If you lost your planner, you lost everything. Your date book, your address book. Your notes. Everything. Lose your smart phone and if you know how to use it properly, you lose nothing. That’s because the modern smartphone backs itself up remotely, so if you lose your phone, your new phone with restore all the information from the cloud and have you back up and running as if nothing happened.

No Excuse To Ever Forget … Anything

You can basically remind yourself of a whole lot of crap you need to remember. And you don’t even have to type it. I use SIRI, Apple’s virtual assistant to do all the hard work for me. I very seldom actually type anything on my iPhone. I have SIRI do it all. And if you have an Android, there is Google assistant.

Here are some examples of how I use my phone.

  • As I run out of anything, I simply say “Hey Siri, add blah blah blah to the grocery list” and Siri adds it.
  • I have a some things I don’t like to leave running when I am home, so rather than going around the house to turn each item off, I have them on Smart Plugs and as I am leaving I tell my watch/phone “Hey Siri, I am leaving home” and the phone turns off all my smart plugs. When I get home I say “Hey Siri, I’m Home” and everything is turned back on.
  • My phone knows when I leave home and turns my heat or AC in eco mode to save on electricity. As I arrive home, my phone tells the ac or heat to get the house to the temperature I like.
  • I have an app that reminds me to take my meds and keeps an exact count of how many tablets I have remaining of each medication, and when I get to a specified level, it reminds me to reorder.
  • The RiteAid app on my phone lets me reorder meds easily.

The Possibilities Are Endless

There are tons more things I tell Siri to do, like make appointments, add tasks, write notes, text people, call people, email people and sometimes while I am driving and never taking my hands off the steering wheel.

One My Mist Important Uses For My Phone Other Than Communication

But the most important thing I use my smartphone for is to take medical notes of any symptoms that I have or any medical questions that I have for my next relative doctor’s visit. My doctor cracks up every time I go to see him and I pull out my iPhone and right at the bottom of the calendar entry of the appointment are my notes and questions for each appointment.

I have my phone set up to remind me of all my medications and it keeps track of how much of each I have left, and if I am running low of anything, it reminds me.

Keep A Complete Medical History For Easy Reference

Any time a doctor asks my medical history timeline, I have every single procedure in my notes in chronological order. Want to know when I stopped a medicine and for what reason, it’s all in there, and on a few occasions it saved from a potential problem.

If you seriously want to improve your health then you need to take control of it, and one of the ways is to put your smartphone to proper use for which it was intended, to keep accurate records. Learn your phone. It may one day save your life.

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