Can We Clear The Air About Sarcoidosis And Depression?

Sarcoidosis DOES NOT cause depression. Reading different posts at different sites, it is becoming a common misconception that sarcoidosis of itself causes depression and the two go hand in hand. This is entirely not true.

On a blog post I read recently, a person was recently diagnosed with sarcoidosis and their main concern was that they were going to develop depression. Depression is caused not by the disease itself but by the feeling of despair brought about by the change in life style. This is common in about 1/3 of people that have a chronic illness.

People who have chronic illnesses must adjust to both the illness and its treatment. The illness may affect a person’s mobility (ability to move) and independence, and change the way a person lives, sees him- or herself, and/or relates to others. These changes can be stressful and cause a certain amount of despair or sadness that is normal.

– Cleveland Clinic

I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis thirteen years ago. These are the conditions that I developed as a result : Sarcoidosis of the lung, Sarcoidosis of the heart, Heart failure, Right semi-diaphragmatic paralysis, secondary pulmonary hypertension, post hepatic neuralgia, an implanted AICD (defibrillator) and because I have been on steroids for as long, osteoporosis in the lumbar back and right hip joint. At no point have I developed depression.

I wish that blogs and Facebook pages stop saying that sarcoidosis causes depression because it does not. They are two totally separate illness and they are treated differently and independent of each other.

I am not saying that if you have depression to hide it. I am saying that people need to understand that it is not caused by sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis treatments will not cure your depression. It needs to be treated independent to sarcoidosis.

I can not begin to imagine what it is like to have depression on top of feeling physically crappy, and if you do suffer from depression on top of this disease, I can only hope that you are seeking the correct treatment with a professional that treats depression and not having your sarcoidosis doctor treat both. That will be like going to your ear nose and throat guy because your foot hurts.

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  1. Much needed clarification. My sister was diagnosed, and, of course, in the beginning, it was overwhelming. However, she has never been diagnosed with depression, and all of us in her tribe/village support and motivate her. She is strong and resilient, NOT depressed.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Good she has a support system, and yes, not everyone with a chronic illness gets depression.


  2. Weird that people look at those two illnesses as so inseparably connected. I don’t have sarcoidosis, but I can definitely see why this, or any other chronic illness could lead to depression as a side effect or a complication, it’s such a huge, huge change in one’s life, but thinking that sarcoidosis is going to inevitably cause you to develop depression makes little sense to me, and can certainly be harmful for those who do have both sarcoidosis and depression.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Agreed. I am living with Sarcoidosis since 2006 and blogging since 2010 and more and more I see the two being written about as if they are siamese twins.

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