The Weekend Revisit Of “Weight A Minute”

Last week I got my certificate from massage school, and although it is just a piece of paper, it was the mark of a major accomplishment for me. I did it. It took three attempts, but I never gave up on my dream to graduate from massage school.

And to celebrate, my wife and did our favorite celebrating. Hitting the restaurants. This time we over did it. Rather than just one night, it was three! We went to one of our favorites one night, a new Tappas bar another, and another for lunch the next day.

I am usually very good about looking at my caloric and salt intake, but the new Tappas bar was too appealing. The waitress said that if I was going to only have Tappas (small plates) for the entree, she suggested getting three or four as the plates were small.

So I took her advice and ordered three different Tappas. I ordered duck quesadilla, braised short rib arèpas and Cuban sliders. I also ordered a small house salad to start. I knew they were all starchy plates, but it’s not every day and they were after all, small plates.

The salad was delicious and then she brought out my first plate, the duck quesadilla. Word of advice. Waitresses lie. Expecting bite size pieces of quesadilla, I gazed onto a plate with four pieces of duck quesadilla that was the size of a normal order.

I thought that I should cancel the other two plates as I knew that this would be enough after the salad. I dug in and it was the most delicious quesadilla I ever had. As I savored the exquisite flavors, the waitress placed the second plate, the arèpas on the table. I never got to cancel.

My wife said she would help me and what ever we did not eat I could take home for lunch the next day. I ate all of the quesadilla and then tried the arèpas. The first bite was devine, but alas, I knew the salt content was beyond what I should have. As I chewed on my arèpas, the third plate came. My Cuban sliders.

I bit into those and again the flavors exploded into my mouth sending scents to my brain. I am not a food addict, but when I have really good food, I am in heaven. I was food drunk. I have not had this explosion of exquisite flavors one after the other in a long time, and what made the experience even more enjoyable is that we never ate there, so it was all new.

I was enthralled with the atmosphere, outdoors on a warm summer night, sitting next to a trickling water feature, with my beautiful wife, absolutely delicious food, and the accomplishment of my massage school certificate.

I ate it all. Every last bite on every last plate. All. I was in disbelief. I was a pig. My stomach was full, but yet that witch of a waitress came back and next thing I knew I had a plate of Mexican bread pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream before me calling to me to devour its exotic flavors of cinnamon and raisins in a bed of fine bread, with a cup of hot cappuccino sitting to my right waiting to wash down the dessert.

Three days of food frolicking was amazing, but I knew I would pay a price. By the next day after the last day of our food party, I could feel it. The water retention. The fluid filling up in my feet and lower leg. The tightness of my skin, the warmth, the discomfort.

The day after that I could feel it in my knees, my stomach distended, my wrists swelling. I looked in the mirror and could see the bags of watery residue forming around my eyes, my eye lids fattening up an becoming a deep pinkish red as they swelled. The shortness of breath, tightness in my chest. All the signs of my gluttony had come to show themselves in one fell swoop.

I knew the price of my actions and I accepted them. I would have the discomfort for a day or two and I would move on, my lesson learned.

However, it has been a week. I took lasix every day, but yet my swelling stays. I pee and pee and pee, but the feeling is still here. And weight has gone up by a full five pounds. All ingredients I am told that I need to go to my cardiologist for.

But for what. For him to give me intravenous lasix to get rid of the fluid? Why damage my kidneys? They didn’t do anyone anything. They are having enough problems on their own getting rid of this excess fluid.

Still it is a little worrisome as I have never had retention for this long and this much. But I will wait to see if it subsides on its own. And I have learned my lesson on over eating. But still, was it worth my discomfort? That’s still up for debate.

Originally Posted August 16, 2012

Update: It took a full week to return to my usual self. Lesson learned!

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  1. Ugh! Food: Friend and Foe! I do not overeat anymore. It makes me too miserable with becoming sluggishly sleepy and too much water retention. I get shortness of breath and mild chest pain with it. It can be like a slow boat to China to feeling back to normal.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Yep. Really not worth the few minutes of “joy” for days of misery!

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